I'm working with a fantastic lab in NYC and will be offering Lightjet C-Prints of my photographs in a wide range of sizes and options for framing and mounting. ANY PRINT, ANY SIZE. See something you like? Contact me for pricing and availability at info@nakleh.com.

The term C print stands for Chromogenic color prints. These are full color photographic prints made using traditional chemicals and processes. For Digital C prints, the material is exposed using lasers or LED lights. Originally, passing color corrected light through a negative onto photographic paper or transparency film produced traditional c-prints. Kodak introduced chromogenic papers in the 1950’s under the name Type – C. The name stuck and ever since it has been a mainstay of the photographic lexicon.

I'm extremely proud to announce I've been hired to do product photography for Linda Rodin Olio Lusso, a fantastic skin care company based out of New York City. I recently photographed their entire product line, to be used on their website and for promotional materials. Rodin is part of the Esteé Lauder brand and are an absolute joy to work with.

Here are a few sneak peeks, but be sure to visit https://oliolusso.com in the coming weeks to see the rest of the images!

You’ve probably heard of Justin Brannan around the neighborhood. He helps residents cut through red tape to make the government work. Justin is running for the open City Council seat in the 43rd District representing Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach and parts of Bensonhurst so he can keep fighting for the middle-class and those living paycheck to paycheck.

Justin grew up in the shadow of the Verrazzano Bridge and has always called this community home. This is where he and his wife, Leigh own a small business and where his mom, Mary, has been an educator for over 30 years. Helping others is his passion and with your support, he hopes to continue doing that in an official capacity as your next councilmember.

I've known Justin for almost 25 years, and am proud to have photographed him for his current campaign. Please take a moment to visit http://www.justin2017.com to see what he's about and how he can help our community.

I am an admitted photography nerd- I spend much of my free time watching video tutorials or reading essays on the art and science of photography. Recently I find myself particularly fascinated with tutorials by Alex Koloskov from Kyiv, Ukraine at https://www.photigy.com He is a mad genius when it comes to still life product photography! His tutorials are on the pricey side, but he offers a free webinar every Friday for free online streaming. I've learned SO much from him in the last several months. I highly suggest you check out his site and YouTube channel if you want to see some cool stuff.

This week we are discussing "reflection vs. refraction": Reflection refers to a change in direction of light when it bounces off a substrate. Refraction is the change in the direction of light as it passes through a substrate. Imagine a bottle of beer in a tinted transparent bottle. The "reflected" light appears on the surface of the glass, reflecting the lights in the room the photograph is taken in. The "refracted" light is the light that bounces around *through* the glass and the liquid, creating highlights and shadows inside the object. Knowing how to control and manipulate the amount of reflections and refractions is essential to successful product photography.

Every summer my wife and I take a trip to the North Fork of Long Island with a few of our friends. It's fantastic wine country out there, and we spend a few days relaxing, sipping new and tasty wines, and just unplugging for a bit. At the end of our trip we always visit Lavender by the Bay where the girls stock up on all sorts of lavender products. The car smells like Provence for the rest of the 2 hour ride home, and we continue to use it for several months as a fragrant air freshener in our home.

I had the opportunity to shoot a portrait of artist John Avelluto today in Brooklyn. Always a pleasure to work with him!

John was born and raised in Gravesend, Brooklyn, attended high school in Bay Ridge, where he currently with his wife and two lovely daughters. A first generation Italian-American, John has always been immersed in food culture, both at home and professionally. He worked for his father, Domenico Avelluto, at his two successful restaurants, first Mazzei on the Upper East Side and then Hostaria Mazzei in Port Chester, and spent two and a half years talking about fancy grapes at Long’s Wines and Liquors in Bay Ridge. John earned an MFA in painting from Brooklyn College, often mixing the concepts of food and art in the restaurant and his studio. With a specialty in faux painting and a wicked sense of humor, John’s paintings have awed audiences and garnered critical acclaim in ink and the blogosphere. A long time advocate of the arts, John is a founder of the 5th Ave Storefront Art Walk (SAW). After talking about food and grape for years, John is thrilled to be the proprietor of a dedicated wine bar in his neighborhood.

I am honored to have been asked by Real Food, Real Kitchens to participate in a photo shoot for their upcoming cookbook. Jammi Sloan Yorke came by our place in Bay Ridge yesterday to photograph me preparing my *twice award winning* seafood chili. 

Family, food, culture and history; these are the essence of Real Food Real Kitchens, a cooking series that goes into the real kitchens of everyday people and explores one of their most cherished traditional family dishes. Real Food Real Kitchens tells the intimate story of a person, their family, and their culture and how food creates an emotional bond that connects them all together.

Looking forward to the release of the cookbook in the fall! For now, check out this quick snap, and keep updated via their website at http://realfoodrealkitchens.com

The fantastic music website NO ECHO is featuring a gallery of some of my favorite live music photographs that I've taken, along with a little background behind how each image came about. Check it out here: http://www.noecho.net/features/photographer-jason-jamal-nakleh

One of my favorite images from a trip to Paris. The light was incredible that day. Paris is my favorite city in the world! The food, the culture, the history- and oh, did I mention the food? I've been there a few times, so I don't bother sightseeing anymore I just eat my way around the city.

Last year I had the pleasure of working on a book for legendary photographer ART KANE. Art was one of the most profoundly influential photographers of the twentieth century. A bold visionary, his work explored a number of genres - fashion, editorial, celebrity portraiture, travel, and nudes with an unrelenting and innovative eye. Kane developed a style that didn't shy away from strong color, eroticism and surreal humor.

From the original film, I scanned and restored all of the images included in this book. The project was organized and curated by Art’s son, Jonathan Kane and his wife Holly Anderson, a brilliant poet and lyricist. Jonathan is the original drummer for the experimental rock band SWANS, current photographer and photo editor, as well as a musician and a friend. We sat together for almost 12 months and worked on each image in the book, one by one, until he felt they represented what his dad would have originally envisioned.

The book is finally here. This stunning hardback edition from Reel Art Press is the first time Kane’s work has been collected into one comprehensive volume. Beautifully curated, it is a fitting tribute to one of photography’s most original and creative forces. Visit Art Kane’s website or order the book from Amazon.